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Blackjack table game play

Stick or twist? It’s your call!

It can be spelled blackjack, Black Jack or black-jack, but the aim is the same on blackjack tables: to get closest to 21 without going over, or bust! Beating the dealer’s hand wins even money. Hitting 21 in two cards is blackjack, winning three to two.

Blackjack table information

Blackjack table hire across Scotland – Top Hat Casino has eight professional blackjack tables, more than any fun casino outside London.

Our full-size, free-standing, half-moon blackjack tables, measuring 6ft by 3.5ft, are better than any blackjack tables outside casinos – and many inside!

Top Hat’s blackjack tables for hire accommodate up to nine players at one time, making them better value for your event, and all the blackjack tables for hire are finished in sophisticated burgundy cloth and padded cream surrounds, adding style too.

Blackjack table rules (in brief)

Place your chips in one of the boxes on the blackjack table and receive two cards face-up. The dealer takes one face-up. Kings, queens and jacks count as 10; an ace one or 11. Any 10 plus an ace is blackjack, paying 1½ times your bet.
If you don’t have blackjack, you decide to stick with your cards or risk drawing another to get closer to 21. Go over 21 and you are bust!

Draw two cards the same and you can “split your bet” by doubling your stake. Your blackjack dealer will separate the cards into two hands and deal a second card to each.

You may “double your bet” on any hand and receive one more card from your blackjack dealer.

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