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Craps (dice) game play; Craps (dice) table information; Craps (dice) table rules.

Craps table game play

A fast and exciting game for the slightly more experienced gambler... throw the dice to make your point!

Made famous in films such as ‘Guys and Dolls’ and ‘Ocean's Thirteen’, gamers throw two dice against the back wall of the craps table betting on how the dice will fall.

Craps table information

Craps table hire across Scotland....Top Hat Casino’s ‘feature piece’ craps table is professional, full-size and free-standing.

The craps table is a rectangular ‘tub’ shape, this large table measures 8ft by 4½ft and sits best as a ‘key feature’ in the middle of a large room.

Top Hat’s dice table for hire can accommodate up to 16 players at one time, making it far better value for your event.

Top Hat’s craps table for hire is finished in sophisticated burgundy cloth and padded cream surrounds, adding a more stylish look to your event

Craps table rules (in brief)

The aim is to predict what numbers the dice will show once they have been rolled.

At a craps table you have one ‘shooter’ throwing the dice while up to 15 players can bet on the outcome. Once a ‘shooter’ either ‘makes their point’ or throws a seven, the dice pass to the next player and they then become the ‘shooter’.

You can bet either with - ‘Pass Line’ - or against the shooter - ‘Don’t Pass Line’.

Pay-out: 1-1, but more for place cets (see full rules).

Our friendly trained croupiers will assist your guests during play and give those hints and tips.

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