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Roulette table information, roulette table game play, roulette table rules.

Roulette table game play

Each player has his/her own colour of chips, so the wider variety of coloured chips on our roulette tables means more guests can play, making them better value for your event.

Place your chips on the roulette table – see the lay-out below – picking a number from zero to 36, red or black, odd or even, high or low, or on any mix of numbers. The roulette table offers greater rewards for greater risks.

Where the ball will land, nobody knows – that’s what roulette is about!

Roulette table hire information

Roulette table hire across Scotland – Top Hat Casino has eight roulette tables, more than any fun casino outside London.
Our full-size, free-standing roulette tables are of professional class, measuring 8ft by 4.5ft. You won’t find better tables outside casinos – and few inside!

Top Hat’s roulette tables for hire accommodate more players at one time and all Top Hat’s tables for hire are finished in sophisticated burgundy cloth and padded cream surrounds, adding style as well as value to your event.

Roulette table game rules (in brief)

Place your chips in any box on the roulette table, or any line or corner between to cover the connecting boxes. If the roulette ball lands on a number your chips cover, you win the following pay-outs:

A single number – “straight up” –   35 -1
Between two numbers – a “split” – 17-1
Four numbers – a “corner” –          8-1
Three numbers – a “street” –         11-1
Twelve numbers – a “column” or “dozen” –  2-1
Black/red, odd/even, 1-18 (low) and 19-36 (high) – evens

But, don’t worry: our friendly, trained croupiers will give your guests hints and tips.

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