Licensed to thrill !


The mission was the kind James Bond liked best – fast and tough. It was June 14 when Top Hat headquarters was told that Dixons wanted a 007 theme for their managers’ awards night for 50 guests only 48 hours later.

Immediately the dedicated full-time office swung into action. Lorna set about drawing up a plan: classic casino tables, table centres of giant Martini glasses, chair covers in black and white, and creative up-lighting. The room decor included Top Hat’s giant Hand of Aces and James Bond cut-outs – at 8ft high, taller not only than Daniel Craig but than the original 007, Sean Connery.

By June 16, everything was in place and the operation was a great success, resulting in the kind of exciting, elegant and entertaining evening that Bond himself would have been glad to attend.


The difference was that everyone was stirred not shaken!

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